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Thread: THE ADAMS AND THE ALDER - Fly of the week - November 22, 2010

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    Default THE ADAMS AND THE ALDER - Fly of the week - November 22, 2010


    The Adams, created by Leonard Halladay in 1922, represents a multitude of grayish-brownish insects and seems to have no geographical limit in its usefulness around the globe.

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    Default This Is Very Strange........

    Another great article from Tom Deschaine! Somehow I feel that this would should have been a "Just Old Flies and stuff" article! Just my gut feelings. I have almost all of FAOL's articles that relate to how to dress fly patterns and the history behind the fly patterns on my computer. There is no Adams article in FOTW!

    This very strange, that a fly pattern that is almost every fly anglers fly box, is not in "FOTW"! I found (after surveying all the FAOL articles I have on my computer) I have found the other two articles written about the Adams fly that have run over the the past 13 years.....
    There is a Step-by-Step "Adams" article as part of Al Campbell's Beginning Fly Tying Series, showing how to dress the pattern....

    There is article on the history of the "Adams" in "Just Old Flies and stuff" written by Deanna (Birkholm) Travis...


    As I have said many times in the past 13 years, I spend most of my time in the archives, recovering and converting FAOL articles to PDF. On Mondays, I convert all new articles to my computer.
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