As you noted, there are TWO pawls on the Medalist, the metal one on the spool, and the plastic one under the drag washer. The reason the clicks are different is because the metal pawl clicks one the wind and the plastic one clicks on the pay. The plastic one clicks on the pay because the metal one is seated in the indent, forcing the drag plate to turn, and the plastic pawl is 'slipping' as it should. On retrieve the plastic one is seated, forcing the drag plate to NOT turn, and allowing the spool to 'slip' on the top of the plate.

If the reel is set up for LH retrieve the steep side of the indent (when looking at the drag washer) should catch the spool pawl when the spool is turned clockwise. (I am really tempted to say the steep side of the indent is on the right – but that is rather misleading. Although maybe it makes some sense if you imagine the spool turning to the right.)

You don't have to remove the drag washer to ensure the plastic pawl is in the correct position for LH retrieve. Just remove the spool and use your fingers to turn the drag washer in the clockwise direction (it shouldn't go counter-clockwise). If it does move clockwise, all is good.

The Medalists I have are 25 years old and only showing the faintest wear on either the plastic pawl or the washer. Being nervous at the time I bought, I wrote to Pflueger asking for a new plastic pawl and spring - which they sent gratis, but I have never needed them!