I know this is probably a silly question, but here goes. I just bought a new Pflueger Medalist. I don't know a whole lot about fly reels. It looks like this one is already set up for left hand retrieve. In the booklet that came with it, it said it has a "quiet click" on pay, and very quiet click on retrieve. However, it seems to be different on mine - louder on retrieve. I took it apart as if I was reversing it, and everything seems okay. The other odd thing is that everything I've read about these talks about a "4 detent" side and an "8 detent" side. Well, mine has 6 detents on each side. I'm guessing it's set up right, because the drag works on pay, but not retrieve. I tried flipping the drag disc and it didn't work right, so I put it back.

So, is this normal? Do the new medalists click louder on retrieve than pay? If not, what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance!