With the proliferation of hook manufacturers these days it gets really frustrating when we tiers describe a hook by using a maker's model number instead of a real description of the hook. Is it because an we don't know how to describe it, is it because we have a vested interest or is there a taint of snob appeal?
I can only speak for myself, but I don't have a built in memory of cross indexed hook model numbers.
Instead of saying a hook is a Tiemco 200R why not merely say it's a 3XL tde curved shank hook.
I'm sure there a a lot of detail oriented tiers who will comment that there are variations in 3XL tde curved shank hooks between makers but I would question whether the fish would care. Please remember, I'm not talking about precise tying to exactly duplicate historic classics.
We have enough to do just trying to keep track of all the trivial variations in synthetic fibers and yarns.