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    Default Possie Bugger - Good all around fly

    This fly caught my eye a while back and luv working with Possum. Picked up a couple of possum skins and a whole bunch of Ause Possum hide pieces from an Ebay auction. Great stuff to work with and make great dubbing.

    Got my son-in-law hooked on fly fishing about a year ago but has no interest to tie his own flies .... go figure So I tie a bunch of flies now and then and send them to him.

    This is a great pattern to tie and just a good fly to have. Fairly easy to tie. I stuck to the original pattern pretty closely except I use small wire to counter wrap the pearl flashabou ribbing for durability. Got the idea from a Youtube video. I like using the curved nymph hooks as they seem to have a more life like profile then the straight hooks.

    Hook: TMC 200r #8
    Bead: to fit hook
    Weight: lead tape wrapped front 1/3 of shank.
    Tail: Ause Possum w/Pearl Flashabou
    Body: Nat., Ause Possum
    Ribbing: Pearl Flashabou w/sm. copper wire counter wrapped
    Hackle: Partridge or Grouse
    Throax: Ause Possum w/Blk & Olive Rabbit mixed
    6/0 Blk Thread

    Hope you like it. Sorry about the poor quality pic not the best camera in the world.

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