Kevin, I too work with scouts. First, for next to nothing they can make a simple whip finish tool using a toothpick and some mono. And have you seen Extemely Low Budget FF site? GREAT for older Cubs to Boy Scout working on their FLy Fishing Merit badge - I love his options for $5 or less flytying vices that the kids can make and then use themselves.

I was a Cub Camp Day Camp Program Director for many years and one year we had a High Seas Adventure theme. We had the scouts tie their ownflies on one day (THANKS TO OUR LOCAL TROUT UNLIMITED!) and the next day the kids made their own 6" cane pole and then had a fishing derby. Lots of smiles and we had 8 (of 64 total) scouts still fishing two hours AFTER the camp day ended. At least a dozen kids had never fished before and now they are catching fish on a pole they made. We had lots of Kodak moments - and some warm feelings with the staff! YEP, lots of fun!