Does anyone have a basic lesson plan for a fly tying class that they would be willing to share?

I've been asked for a beginining fly tying class that would meet for an hour a week and run for 4 to 6 weeks. Class size will be small and other than a small fee to help cover material costs it will be a free class.

I've done some individual teaching, but I have not taught a formal series of classes. So, before I reinvent the wheel, I was wondering if someone has already done something similar and would be willing share their lesson plan.

My thoughts are that each week a new tying skill would be introduced and then a fly would be tied to use that new technique. For example 1st week tools and basic info and then tye a very simple fly, 2nd week how to dubb and then tye nymph using dubbing, 3rd week some other technique. I am thinking a mixture of trout, warmwater, and maybe a simple saltwater pattern or two, but with focus on the tying techniques more than the pattern.

Anyone have some suggestions/advice that they would be willing to share?