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Thread: BASS BUG - Fly of the week - October 18, 2010

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    Default BASS BUG - Fly of the week - October 18, 2010


    The beauty of the bass bug is its open to what the tier wants to use. You can use Rabbit Zonker for the tail or palmer hackle for the skirt. It?s up to you. Also the shape can be a diver, a popper, ECT. Use your imagination. These flies are so much fun to create. ENJOY!

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    Yes indeedy. Great article on deer hair bass bugs.

    Happiness is wading boots that never have a chance to dry out.

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    Default Regarding Alan Graham's Bass Bug

    Not just another Bass Bug to add along with all the other Bass Bugs, this Bass Bug presented by Alan Graham has a few attributes that others just might miss after a quick once-over.

    It is the first fly pattern that is a "Convertible" for use of "Weed-guard" or "No Weed-guard"! A Bass Bug that at your whim you can either go Weedless by extending the two thick tippets, or go bare Weeded by pulling on the tippet antenna!

    Another thing I notice is the use of various materials and methods that you normally do not see on the same hook. Spun Hair and Stacked Hair on the same pattern.

    This is the first fly pattern by Alan Graham's that has be added the FAOL's Fly of the Week Achieves. and what a exciting pattern.

    Not to mention the technique used for shaping the mouth on the Bass Bug, I cannot ever recall seeing this before. So readers should take their time a read and re-read this article, there is lot of new stuff to think long and hard over! There are some new techniques that can be used on other fly patterns you normally dress.


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    Thanks for posting my tutorial! I'm glad you folks like it. It was my first attempt at a tutorial. Thanks to the Editor for his patience . I look forward to picking up some new tricks from the knowledgeable tiers on this forum!

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