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Thread: Pero Honored at Wild Trout Symposium - In the news - October 18, 2010

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    Default Pero Honored at Wild Trout Symposium - In the news - October 18, 2010

    Pero Honored at Wild Trout Symposium

    Press Release:

    Thomas R. Pero, publisher of Wild River Press, has been awarded the Aldo Starker Leopold Wild Trout Medal.

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    What a coincidence! I went on a rummage in the rafters of my garage two weeks ago and found an ole dust covered cardboard box, and after opening it, found some paperback books which I at first thought were headed for some recycling but reconsidered two titles one of which was "The Sand County Almanac". It's been forty years since I read the first chapter. I quickly polished off the first 50 pages that night before I went to sleep and with with "The Almanac" stirring in my dreams, was compelled to finish it the following day.
    My favorite little quote from the book is about his dog and the hunt between the Red Lanterns of Blackberry leaves, it goes, describing the dog in the hunt: "He is the prospector of the air, perpetually searching its strata for olfactory gold. Partridge scent is the gold standard that relates his world to mine." What outdoors-man can't see and feel that image?
    My congratulations to the two recipients! Their names are now coupled with some of the greats in our sport and I for one applaud the conservationist and the environmentalist among us. It's a tough stance they take in the face of fly fishing economic pressures.
    And thanks to Iowa for giving us the Leopolds. And Wisconsin for a place where they could discover the secrets of the land.

    PS: If you want to read the book, I'll send it to you, no charge if you promise to send it on to others. PM me with an addy and I'll send it off.
    "As far down the river as he could see, the trout were rising, making circles on the surface of the water, as though it were starting to rain."- E.H., The Big Two Hearted River

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