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Thread: Wing Cases: Thin Skin or Turkey Feathers?????

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    You might also watch out for the pearlescent icicle strands (for christmas tree decoration) These are 3/32" wide - good for small stuff. You can even stretch this stuff pretty thin without it breaking (for ribbing or very small pupa patterns). There is also a wide section at the top of all the strands (under the packaging tab) that you could cut or stretch to your liking. BTW, this material may come in wider strands? One packet is enough for several fly tiers lifetimes!

    Best regards, Dave S.
    Hi Dave,

    I have a package of these icicles which matches your description perfectly. In fact, I just used them last night to tie up a dozen Flashback GRHEs. Twelve, size #16 hare's ears used up lest than a quarter of a single strand. A single box may be a life-time supply for 8-10 tiers. BTW, I got my package of icicles deeply discounted two weeks after Christmas for 17 cents. Take care, 8T
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