I have been on a few trips in the short time since I took up fly fishing (1995). It was not until I took my first road trip to the Black Hills of SD for FAOL Fish-In 1999 for me to become a traveling fly-angler. Then there was the Catskill (NY/PA) for FAOL Fish-In 2001, Sattler TX for Regional Fish-In 2002, finally to Lowell ID, for FAOL Fish-In 2004.

Since then thing have happen in my life to prevent me from doing much traveling, and forcing me to change my tactics for continuing to fly fish. My Anklosis Spondylitis has come to the forefront in my life and I am unable to walk more than 600 yards without sitting down and resting until the pain in my legs subsides. My family has been effected by the depression that is gripping the country (it a recession when the other guy is out of work, it is a depression when your out of work).

But I fish during the short summer period in Minnesota when the water is warm enough for me to inflate my WaterSkeeter and put in in the back of my SUV and head out to local lakes in my area, for Bass and Panfish. I have been issued a permanent Handicap Parking Placard by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

"Needs", "Wants", and "What You End Up With"; are three separate items, and sometimes you have to do without all three.

Just reading FAOL every week, is good enough for me, to experience a little of what other members report from their road trips. I can enjoy the stories and pictures in the articles that are published on FAOL, and that is almost as good as being there.... ~Parnelli

I am the one with my back to the camera wearing my Stetson Fishing Hat!