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Thread: Stuck ferrules, candle was and joint tape

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    Default Stuck ferrules, candle was and joint tape


    I know this has been asked before, but...anyhow I fire away.

    On my new Sage VT2 two of the ferrules are stuck together.
    I have tried "everything", had someone pull at the other end and twisting.
    Tried hot water, cold water.
    They just don't go apart.
    I don't want to use too much force of course.
    Any ideas?

    I don't use candle wax on the ferrules because my problem is that they often go apart when I'm casting, maybe it's because of my casting style?

    I was wandering if I should try to use candle wax and maybe also tape the ferrules to hold them together!
    Do many of you do that (tape or wax)?

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