I recently acquired float tube for a sweet price (thanks to dpenrod for alerting me to the craigslist posting). But I have no fins. I have a Cabela's gift card so I will probably get them there. Here's what it looks like my options are. If the right deal came along I would also consider picking them up used.

Outcast Step-in Fins $35


Creek Company Lightweight Fins $29.99


Creek Company Float Tube Fins $44.99



But I have no idea which one of these would be best. I have used fins similar to the last pair before but I had trouble getting my size 11 wading boots shoved into them. Is there some other kind of shoe that would be better to wear than my standard wading boots? The boots are a bit bulky and restrict the movement of your feet. What do others wear in the float tube?

Also I will need a pump of some kind. Is this one ok for $24.99?