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    Just curious, has anyone ever paid full price for Albright equipment. It always seems to be 50% +/- off, so what is the real price?
    There "full price" is a misnomer. See, they would get what they get regardless of whether they sold direct or had fly shops sell them. while the numbers vary by a small percentage (%40 -%60 of retail, but approximately %50), manufacturers (that sell through fly shops) receive about %50 of what you pay for it. IE they sell the rod to a fly shop for $200 then the fly shop sells it for $400. Instead of selling the rod to a fly shop for $200 Albright is selling the rod direct to the customer for $200. "full price" is what you would pay IF they sold the rod through fly shops, but they dont. Thus "full price" is a misnomer.

    (edit) Actually they use the term MSRP. Manufacturer suggested retail price. Who is the retailer for albright products? Except for 1 or 2 exceptsions *ALBRIGHT* is the retailer. I won't get into the philosphical issue of whether it is right for albright to say their "regular" price is %50 off of MSRP when they are basically the only retailer.
    From their website: "Starting in 2008, Albright Direct began selling Albright product direct to anglers via this website." They are the retailer.

    Also from their website "With our no hassle return program, you can literally try out our rods in your own back yard. Not satisfied? Not a problem, just ship it back for a full refund." Hope there isnt a fishable pond or stream in your backyard. The words IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD should be emphasized. You can only sort of "literally try out our rods"*

    What is the * for? From their website (and you can find people that have had this happen to them) "
    Albright Direct will gladly accept a Return within 10 days of the receipt or your product under our “10 Day No Hassle” Return Policy for normal in-stock merchandise. This cannot be emphasized enough - Once an item has been installed or used, it may not be returned."

    Now warranty. If you buy a TFO it is $25 to warranty. Even if you buy it used!! Albrights lifetime warranty? Sorry, they don't offer a lifetime warranty!
    "*** ***Any closeout products, as well as discontinued products, are not eligible for repair or replacement."

    Once your rod is discontinued, bye bye warranty (tho they will usually give you a very small discount on whatever replaced your rod.
    Now what about if your rod breaks and it hasnt been discontinued yet?
    The XXT retailed at $250. Here are the warranty costs, assuming it hasnt been discontinued

    tip program (???) $59.99 new section $49.99 replacement cost $139.99

    This is for rods made in either China or korea. Sage, made in the USA with rods costing $600 -$800 warranty is $50, that includes if your rod was discontinued 5 years ago
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