Phil - yeah we need to hook up sometime. I've got a long weekend planned fishing in the Catskills in October with a buddy of mine - hopefully they'll get some water in the freestones. Other than that maybe hit up the Oatka a couple times and then concentrate on the lake run fish out where I live. I didn't do all that much fishing over the past year either but hopefully that'll change. I'm DO at a local volunteer ambulance corps and that pretty much sucks my time up but I'm stepping down as chief at the end of the year. We'll have to work something out!!!
The Catskills should be excellent in October. At least their streams are flowing. lol. How are the streams up your way? Still low? I might be heading up to the Oatka on Tuesday, with Ryan W... if you've got any free time, let me know. Haven't been there since the hennies. We hit the upper Catt., today and did pretty good. Ryan caught a nice 18" brownie. The lower Catt., should be good as soon as it drops. A buddy of mine got into quite a few before it blew out. Let me know when you've got some time and we'll whip the water into a froth! lol.