I saw the thread requesting suggestions on fleece pants but I want to ask a more general question - what's the best clothing to use for dressing in layers for winter fishing.

I live in upstate NY and try to take advantage of the fall runs of salmon/browns/steelies and usually I'm freezing after a fairly short time out - especially if the wind is blowing. I know that you don't want to wear cotton against your skin but there's so much gear out I really don't know what to be looking for. Are we talking Underarmor here? Anything else? What about your feet? Normally I just throw a pair of long-underwear on and a pair of jeans and suffer - this year I want to do what I can to minimize the suffering. I realize nothing will be 100% but there has to be better options than what I'm currently doing. And as Christmas is only a few months away I need some suggestions anyway!!