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Thread: ID GRANNOM - Fly of the week - September 20, 2010

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    Default ID GRANNOM - Fly of the week - September 20, 2010


    The ID (Ice Dub) Grannom pattern has been in my box for 3 seasons now. It was tied to match the emergent stage of the common Apple Caddis hatch (Brachycentrus Appalachia) in the Northeast. It has proven extremely effective when those fish are slapping all around you, yet taking nothing dry you are tossing at them. I grease the last 6? of tippet when fishing this pattern and keep in it the film as much as possible. Towards the end of my drift I will often tug the fly below the surface, then stop my rod abruptly and let the fly swing those few inches back to the surface.

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    Yes sir, that is a very prolific hatch here in the east. I have used that little trick for years. I remember using it on the west branch of the Ausable in upstate NY back in the early 80's with a ton of success. When things slow down here on Penns creek during the Grannom hatch ,using that little trick can certainly extend your action. I have not tried the Ice Dub yet for this pattern and may never due to the fact that I have a lot of peacock herl. As a matter of fact I have a big matted ball of this stuff that I have been picking apart since probably the late 60's. LOL!!!

    Best regards, Dave S. (fishdog54)

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    Fishdog, It is one of my favorite hatches for sure. I've always used Peacock in the past as well, with a silver wire rib. But the last few years have done a bit better with the ice-dub on this particular pattern.

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