Here locally we call those Ram's head mushrooms! They're also called Sheep's head, Maitake, Kumotake, and as you mentioned Hen of the Woods. They are delicious!!! They are also very firm. You can go to the very same tree/stump (oak around here) year after year. Leave the bases (roots), don't cut them completely out from the tree. Morels should be snipped off, not pulled from the ground for the same reason. They're both great with venison!!!! Since I moved back to Penna. from the U.P. of Mich., I've not found a good (secret) location for Morels. My dad gets me all the Ram's heads I want, so I'm good to go.


I agree that mushrooms are one of those foods that you either like or you don't, there's no in-between!!! That leaves more in the woods for me!!!! LOL!!

Best Regards, Dave S.