I've read reviews till I'm blue in the face. What do you guys reccommend as a good digital camera, that is at least water resistant, for around $50? Something small enough to fit in my vest. There may not be a "good" camera in that price range, but I have to be reasonable and realize that I don't get to fish nearly enough to justify a more expensive one. I want to mostly take pictures of fish, but normally take shots of streams. (Mainly because I like stream porn, and I don't catch that many fish) And of course if my 5 year old son catches a fish then a pic is a must. This is the camera I'm looking at right now, http://www.walmart.com/ip/VistaQuest-VQ8900/14262433

thanks in advance,

PS, if I get a 100 responses and there are a 100 different answers, I'll scream.