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    Default I'm taking my Dad fishing this weekend>

    I've had a little bit of spare time on my hands this morning, so I got to thinking a bit. My folks are on their way this evening for their first trip to Montana to visit me and my new wife.
    I told my Dad to pack his waders, because I was going to be taking HIM fishing. It's going to be the first time I've seen them in just over a year, so it's pretty special to have them come all the way up here. We used to fish a wonderful little place called Bennet Spring in Missouri. To the best of my knowledge, he's never fished for trout anywhere else in the U.S.
    I'm not really much of a number counter, but a few weeks ago I went out for my first little bit of stream fishing since I broke my wrist. I caught well over 100 fish that day. None of them were much bigger than about 16 inches, but then again, that's not what it's all about for me. My Dad, however, has NEVER had a day of fishing like that in his life, and I'm hoping to repeat it, or at least closely repeat it. Heck, it's just going to be a treat to get him on a stream where we MIGHT see another fisherman all day, instead of elbowing your way onto the stream. I hope I don't spoil him....okay, I take that back, I hope I do, so he comes up again and again to fish with me.
    I'd love to get him to some of the more famous rivers out here, the Missouri in particular. I think it would blow his mind, like it did mine, to see trout in those clear waters when you're used to the muddy waters that flow through the midwest.
    I'm also going to take him to a little lake that has some monster, monster fish in it, just to see if I can get him the biggest trout of his life. I think he'd enjoy that.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and is able to make some memories that will last a lifetime with someone you love.

    Tight lines,


    P.S. And don't forget to take a moment for all those families who were affected by the attacks on 9/11...those families who will never get to fish together again, and for all the men and women who have given their lives since then for our Country.

    Thank you all for serving your Country, I appreciate my freedom.
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