I had an older pair of Wicked Tough waders that leaked after a year and then sat for over 3 years. I finally traded them for the full discount on a set of Helix early this spring. In the in between time I trashed a set of Simms Guide waders. So far they've survived about 20 days in the salt, and about an equal number in fresh. They have had zero problems so far and I must admit are comftorable. Allthough the gravel guard boot lace hooks show some corrosion on the rivets, they look like they won't fail. The zippers on the handwarmer pocket have stayed waterproof and SALT proof! I had a bit of time adjusting to the backward suspender hook-up- that should have been done differently, but as long as you have some range of motion in your shoulders you can deal with it. At first the heavy material and the odd cut in the feet feel strange, but they do not feel that way when your boots are on and I feel better about sand inflitration, knowing they are a heavier material. The Simms feet had to be re-taped after 2 years. I've detected no difference between the material used and Gore-Tex. The back comes up high, and is great for use in float tubes. I also like the fact they come up high because of last week, getting smashed in the chest with storm swell from Earl and managing to stay dry. I do a lot of walking and hard wading, sometimes through heavy brush. I fish several rivers with sharp shale ledges and need extra protection in the knees. The material shows no abrasions, yet. I would say these waders are a bargain for 200 bucks. I was really disappointed with the Wicked Toughs. Although they were only a little less than Simms, they performed lousy! These seem to be a different grade entirely.