First let me say that I am in no way an expert on these reels...I am a noob to them, as a matter of fact.


The thread about what fly reel to buy with unlimited funds had a Medalist listed. I bought a couple at a garage sale this summer. This got me thinking about how many people seem to really like these reels, and I wanted to see if the desire was reflected in the demand.

Where to go to find out? FleaBay, of course.

When I got there, I was amazed by the low starting price and ending bids of these reels. Completed listings showed the ending bids to be under $30 for most reels. Sure there were some over $100, but most sold fairly cheaply.

This led me to wonder why they went so cheap? Is the market saturated, or are they just that unknown? As I said, I have 2 of them, and I am going to start fishing them, just for the fun of it this fall. One with a 3 weight, the other with a 6 or 7. I have to decide whether to go to and get the bushing to reverse the reel or just switch hands. They are old enough to be non-reversable without modification. Problem is that the bushings cost more than double what the reels did.

Give me your stories, please. Did you love these reels or were they just another reel to you?