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Thread: SIMPLE AND EASY FLIES - Fly of the week - September 6, 2010

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    Default SIMPLE AND EASY FLIES - Fly of the week - September 6, 2010


    In the March 1989 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine is an article called ?The Mighty Midge Pupa? written by Eleanor I Schaeffers (she and her husband ?Dutch? owned Terminal Tactics, a now defunct company that used to make a complete line of tippets and accessories). One of the patterns that caught my eye was the ?Middepth Pupa?. It is really just a simple thread midge that has given me great success on many rivers in the Rocky Mountain west. I like simple and easy flies, and this one is all of that.

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    Mid-DepthPupas, Chironomids, Midges or even Buzzers; whatever you wish to call them, they all are effective fly patterns for catching fish of all sizes and types. This article by Norman Frechette is a good companion fly pattern to his previous fly patten in the FOTW archives, the San Juan Midge, (http://www.flyanglersonline.com/fotw...tw20100621.php).

    There are also many other Chronomids,Midges and Buzer fly patterns on FAOL (they are everwhere, not just is the FOTW archives.

    There is Al Campbell's "Too Simple -San Juan Worm"

    bjwormfly.jpgThen I remembered Steve Hocerar's "Bow Juan Worm"

    An finally Jim Clarke's artcile on "New Buzzers" (http://www.flyanglersonline.com/feat...kes/part14.php)

    Oh there are many more articles and fly pattens in the archives of FAOL pertaining to midges chronomis and buzzers (I prefer to refer to the archives as the catecombs...... I spend so much time down there that I feel at home. ~Parnelli

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    Good job Norman. Your tutorial, and history of the thread midge is very informative. Basicaly a one material fly that can be so diverse. I too have been using the thread midges for almost as many years, but only started using the Coats&Clark thread for the past ten years.

    There have been alot of inovations in tieing with new materials since the thread midges made an impression on me. Patterns like the JuJu Midge have gained in popularity (with good reason), but when the dust has settled, I still use the thread midges the most.

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    Very nice article. Thread midges or buzzer is great dropper behind a dry or wet fly. Many trout have fallen prey to it's wiles. Have you noticed a fish preference for those coated in UV Goo or uncoated? I carry a supply of both, but haven't noticed much difference.

    Happiness is wading boots that never have a chance to dry out.

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    Great article Norm! Very nicely done. It's amazing at times just how little material can be used to catch trout:^)

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