I put a pair of Aqua Stealth replacement soles on an old pair of Hodgman boots several years ago and never regretted it. If you have some wading boots that fit you, you might be able to find a place on the internet where you can purchase these soles. They are no longer available from LL Bean. Another option that should cost less than a pair of Simms would the Korkers Wetlands boots. I recently bought a pair of the Korkers Convertibles and am really impressed with the stability and comfort. I purchased an extra pair of the studded felt soles, but think I would be happier with the AquaStealth soles for most of my wading, so I plan to order some. Korkers has Aqua Stealth soles available, both studded and plain. The Wetlands boot runs $79.95, comes with felt and rubber hiking soles standard, and you can add another pair of Aqua Stealth soles for another $29.95
Larry Compton