Parnelli - Glad you enjoyed the photos. I usually spend a good part of my time with waterproof Pentax digital camera in hand on fishing trips. Help yourself to the photos and I have many more of the areawhich you're welcome to. Send me a PM with e-mail address and I'll be happy to forward any number of them to you.

Grubb - Astute observation of the surroundings being similar to yours. In fact, they are south on 81 from you to Buchanan and then a few detours and about 25-30 miles and you're there still in Virginny. Unfortunately, haven't fished there in a while cause the last DGIF electro-shocking turned up nary a trout a couple of years ago. They hesitate to assign a cause(s) but I'm of the opinion that it has a lot to do with two legged predators!

Bill-Those nettle stinging places on the legs and one hand continued to plague me for quite some time after that outing. Nothing seemed to eliminate the ouch except time.