I remember the pattern, "the LLama". I bit on that one pretty hard, but it was a dud for my use. Seems everybody was into painted eyes in those days and the use of Woodchuck was a happening material. There was the "Woodchuck Caddis" too, if I recall. I still have the patch of Woodchuck I used to tie those flies. It's half gone and will probly remain that way.
I bit on photo- dyeing too and still have an unused plastic vile of silver nitrite which at that time was an expensive Xmas present given to me. Two duds. I traded my copy of "Fly Tying Materials" for "Where The Pools Are Bright And Deep".
There was a new way to fly fish the West. I went that way and left the east coast with way to many fads and commercial ideas as baggage in my style. I was quick to change. Today I feel comfortable wherever I fish. I landed in Colorado in 1970.