After unpacking boxes and rediscovering the many tying books, magazines, materials, etc... that had been packed away not just from little hands but for safe keeping I can finally say I am happy to be back into the tying phase. It's been a while since I actually sat down at the vise to tie flies and I found myself making rookie mistakes. But all that said back to the title. Things that go "glurp":

10 year old flex seal once the bottle cap is off.
My cat after she swallowed 3-4 marabou feathers that escaped.
All of my kids and their bodily noises...OK me too for that matter.
The ketchup bottle.
Large mouth bass sucking in a "Sam's One-Bug"!
And a perfect popper on the water as it's chugging along.

This new found spirit of tying again got my middle son, my self and the Gheenoe out on the lake.
Bream, LM Bass and SM bass were to be had and all on "The One Bug".
My dad would be proud.
The One Bug Strikes again"
"Tate's" small mouth bass:
Altered "One Bug" Froggie