Want to purchase a good set of walkie talkies. Too poor to just go out and read lebels and buy....then be disappointed. I heard there are those that have multiple frequencies which are good because if you own a pair of only one frequencies you run into a lot of interference or others in your same area using it. I don't know what the good features are to look for. Clarity, distance, moving in a car, power, battery life, work off battery or cig lightera? Wife had cancer, like to keep n touch wit her when we traveling in separate vehicles, or when out lake fishing, me on lake and her on shore. Any body got good advice would sure appreciate it. Like I said, I can't afford to make a lot of mistakes in purchases these days. Have a common name and in today's world other criminal records attached to me in error. Still out there so unable to find work. Ended up just drawing Soc Sec early and don't get it for 4 months. Any help greatly appreciated.

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