What a great story! thank you for sharing. When I first started fly fishing, I had a log, that I never used. I was 12 and well Journal's weren't my thing. In hindsight, I wish I did.

I then picked up a Journal several years ago, and though that would be my next big thing. This was influenced by reading Muriel Foster's Fishing Diary. But again I just never found myself the time or bothered to pick up a pen and start dabbling.

new for 2010. I began to incorporate technology. I am always on forums and I post up reports of my fishing adventures so why not find a way to track this. I found an online fishing log that I have been using, and it's been great so far! But unfortunately, the look and feel of old paper or cards will never be there. I'm afraid if one day I have kids, etc. all my fishing musing will be lost to some harddrive somewhere.

Thanks for sharing and remotivating me!