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Thread: THE MAY HAYSTACK - Fly of the week - July 19, 2010

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    Default THE MAY HAYSTACK - Fly of the week - July 19, 2010


    In much of the Northeast spring there are a staple of hatches that one may encounter, that require patterns to be on-hand in order to avoid fishless days. Those hatches have become identified over time by their respective patterns most commonly tied and fished. Here in Central PA, those patterns hold true as well. They are the Dark Hendrickson, March Brown & Grey Fox hatches that we all have learned to love or hate over the years depending on your success or failure while fishing over them.

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    I have been veiwing FAOL's "Fly Of The Week" articles, every Monday since October 1997. I also have been copying and pasting these artricles and printing them as PDF files for my computer. On May 10th 2010 the Fly Of The Week was the "Bivisible Moose by Raph Longhunter which was his first contribution to "FOTW" on FAOL.

    Now for this weeks "Fly Of The Week" there is the May Haystack by Raph Long, and both are by the same contributor? If so which is the proper last name for the contributor?

    Are these two different contributors or is this a typo in the contributors name?

    I just need to know for clarification, so I can keep my computer files in order, and for future CD requests from members of FAOL.

    (I burn CD's as part of my Paying Forward to others on FAOL, I do not accept renumeration for my work. ~Parnelli

    Note: To aquire your own CD of FAOL's Fly Pattern Articles, just send me a Personnal Message or email to parnelli@comcast.net
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    Sorry for the confusion. Same person.....Ralph Long is the contributor:^) Rlonghunter is my email and part of my address for my Blog.


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