The fabled Pale Morning Dun hatch is one of the largest and most wide spread of the western hatches. The only hatch that is larger and more widespread is the Baetis Hatch. The term Pale Morning Dun or PMD was coined during the 1960?s by the late Carl Richards and Doug Swisher, the authors of ?Selective Trout,? which was published in 1971.

The purpose of this missive will be to educate the angler, to help gain an understanding into world of the Pale Morning Dun, the insect, and the trout that feed on them. From May to October somewhere in the west there are PMD Hatches. All year long we look forward to these PMD Hatches of Summer. We talk about it; we read about it, we tie flies for it. We review patterns and try to construct imitations, which we think will be effective.