Long time lurker, first time poster. Reading these forums has been giving me a ton of insights into this tricky sport for beginners and "experts". I was wondering if there was anybody on here that could give me a little "inside" information on where some of the better spots are in North Carolina? My wife and I will be visiting the"boy", well not really as it is his third year in the marines,who is at present located in Camp Legune in late september early october. We have been on numerous websites trying to decipher the plethora of information. The plan is to stay on the base for two nights visiting and then SLOWLY make our way back to the midwest. Herein lies our problem, we only have about five days to make our journey, and everything we have looked at looks magnificent. We do not have mountains in misery, oops I mean Missouri, so it all looks good. Cooler temperatures, streams that look like postcards, winding roads we are not familiar with , oh yeah and mountains. So if anybody could help us make up our mind, any and all information would be helpful and very welcome.

God Bless,