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Thread: THINGS YOU'LL NEVER REGRET - Bob Boese - June 28, 2010

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    Default THINGS YOU'LL NEVER REGRET - Bob Boese - June 28, 2010


    Let?s visit Boudreaux and Thibodeaux in their pickup.

    But first, a trip into the dictionary - Lamentation - a term meaning an extreme expression of sorrow, most frequently seen in the Bible. Leave it to the Bible to have vocabulary that's practically unusable in a pickup truck. Grief - is generally considered to be a good psychological release, but it is unpleasant, so it is not much sought after. Yes, doctors say grief is good, but unwanted, and too cerebral for the pickup. And then there is Regret, which is something no one wants to have, but it is constantly hanging around - and that's where fly fishing comes in.
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