Just a word of warning/advice:

I read a post on the R.L. Winston website message board that Winston will not honor warrantee claims made on new rods if the purchase was NOT made from an authorized dealer.

In other words if you buy a new rod with a warrantee from someone on eBay and list eBay as the dealer on the warrantee card you are just wasting your time filling it out and sending it in. I am sure other manufacturers may follow this policy as well with warrantees on rods and reels.

If you are buying the rod from a dealer who is selling stock on eBay it is not an issue but if you are buying from an individual make sure to get the name of the dealer the rod was ORIGINALLY purchased from and put that name on the warrantee card.

While I understand the protection of the dealer network reasoning for this policy; the distain the manufacturers have for discounting is also a big factor. They do not want products sold below MSRP by anyone.

While I don't want to get into a debate over the merits or lack thereof of discounting and internet sales versus your local fly shop; I know many of us buy "new with warrantee" rods from eBay or the FAOL board and just wanted to give you a heads up.

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