Actually everyone is a winner is this case. I just love to see kids fishing, and I do mean fishing, not just fly fishing.*Whatever it takes to get the kids outside away from the hypnotism of TV and the continuous hum and drone of modern electronic living (yes, even here in the wild west of Montana - it's everywhere!)*It?s so invasive a person can hardly have an intelligent thought.

Sometime before 1995 when my husband Trav retired as a volunteer firefighter after 20 years, the Livingston City Firefighters took over the Kids Trout Derby which had originally been sponsored by the local Joe Brooks Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We don't know why the Derby had folded, just one of those things. The firefighters picked up the ball and have been producing it ever since. I'm not generally in favor of fishing competitions of any kind, but this is different - or at least I'll make an exception for it.