I know this is an old thread but I might add that some drift in and out with the seasons of their lives. I started when I left New England and my FF buddies. I found an acceptable substitute gang here on FOAL. Here in Kentucky the trout are limited to the stocked ponds in the county parks so I migrated to Blue Gills, on which I was originally taught to FF. Then in my old age my body started to fall apart and I found myself unable to fish the way I used to. I am not looking for sympathy but just offering some reasons folks slip in and out of the site. You can rest assured if I stop visiting, reading and lurking it is because my ticker stopped ticking.

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My wife can believe that there are that many people to read my "blather". Rick
Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the PRIME reasons I keep coming back is for your articles. I even go back and re-read some of the old ones from time to time to remind myself how much I like the warm water pursuits of Gills.