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Thread: HOUSE FLY - Fly of the week - May 31, 2010

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    (This is a chapter from their most recent book, LaFontaine's Legacy)

    One of the things Gary wanted to accomplish was to have a fly for every possible fishing situation. One day he called Paul saying, "We've got to have a housefly." Paul made the mistake of questioning Gary by saying, "The housefly is not aquatic." Gary patiently explained to him that fish don't just eat aquatic insects evidenced by the importance of grasshoppers, beetles, and other terrestrial insects as a food source. "But, houseflies?" questioned Paul even further.

    Gary told him to try an experiment. Set a large pan of water outside overnight and see what would be in it in the morning. Besides a range of terrestrial insects Gary assured him that there would always be several common houseflies in the mix. After Paul ran the test he had to agree with Gary and the two set out to design a fly to fit the need.
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