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Thread: SPRING PIE (Rhubarb Cream Pie) - What's cooking - May 24, 2010

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    Default SPRING PIE (Rhubarb Cream Pie) - What's cooking - May 24, 2010

    SPRING PIE (Rhubarb Cream Pie)

    Here?s a seasonal dessert which makes spring worth waiting for. The first time I had this pie was in Michigan years ago - and I was told it was German in origin. We have a small patch of rhubarb at our Montana home, and since my recipe box was still packed up in the storage unit waiting its turn to be freed, I checked through Neil?s late wife Bonnie?s red and white Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and amazingly the recipe is there.

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    My father loves rhubarb, but has ALS and has trouble swallowing.
    A rhubarb custard pie would be most welcomed by him. Thanks for the idea.

    I make my pie crusts in the food processor. Couldn't be much easier and takes about 2 minutes tops
    Not counting rolling it out, of course
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    I've made two strawberry-rhubarb pies this year. Home grown rhubarb and store bought strawberries. My strawberries are coming along, but not ready yet. They never make it into the house anyway!

    I'll give this recipe a try next time!!


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    dudley, I cut the rhubarb into one-inch pieces, but in your dad's case, why not cut them one/half of that? Sure worth a try *S*

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