When I started reading the article I recalled an incident a few years ago. I was up in Grundy Provincial Park. I had my fly rod in hand and headed over to the shoreline to fish late in the day. There were several teenagers and young adults casting with spin gear into the water. They were talking loud enough for me to hear..."Look at the lady with the fly rod!", followed by loud laughter. "What the *&%$ does she think she's going to catch with THAT!! Louder laughter. I smiled at them, tied my fly on and showed them. It was my turn to laugh as I pulled up a nice 5lb bass...just like this one.

...then several bluegills, crappy and a pike, before the sunlight disappeared. They pulled up nothing.

I just love sending them away with tails tucked. ROFLMAO!!!

I still get that reaction on my local river too. "Hey Lady!! What are you fishin' with that for? There aren't any trout in this river!" (Well actually there is but that's my secret.) I'd often haul up a fish of some sort...usually SM Bass and hold it up. That was enough. Most say, "Gee! I didn't even know there were fish in this river!!" Surprise, surprise.