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Thread: WHAT BASS SEE - Bob Boese - May 3, 2010

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    Default WHAT BASS SEE - Bob Boese - May 3, 2010


    Boudreaux fishes the ugliest flies ever created. Cats throw up more appealing chunks than the glob of materials tied to Boudreaux?s hook, but Boudreaux fills his ice chest. Thibodeaux ties perfect replicas of insects, and minnows and crawfish and often gets skunked. This is largely due to the fact that Boudreaux will toss his flies into sure-to-get-hung-up places, like sunken timber and brush piles ? where the fish are. If Boudreaux gets broken off he digs into his zip lock bag to pull out another three minute hairball pattern. Thibodeaux fishes open water because losing one of his three hour flies is painful.

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    The "Cat Puke Special", ech?? Oh, my!! Bob, I give you full credit for starting my Monday off with a laugh. Thank you!
    Trouts don't live in ugly places.

    A friend is not who knows you the longest, but the one who came and never left your side.

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    Bob, great article! My job doesn't require a whole lot of thinking (lumber yard), so my mind often is on fly fishing and fly design. The article gave me lots of things to ponder!
    I am coming to believe more and more that priority isn't necessarily on exact color matching, but more priority on shape. For warmwater fishing, expecially in murky water, if it looks like food it will at least be tasted.
    Color DOES play a part, but I think it's priority number 2 by a ways.

    Great thoughts to ponder about how we choose our flies and how we design our flies!

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    Great article. A lot of it applies to what fish in general see. Of course we want to know more about what they strike.

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