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Thread: ORANGE HEXAGENIA PATOGONICA - Fly of the Week - May 3, 2010

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    Default ORANGE HEXAGENIA PATOGONICA - Fly of the Week - May 3, 2010


    In Patagonia Argentina, where I fish, there's a big nice mayfly, a Hexagenia genus, which produces hatches during Spring and Summer. (September to March)

    They live mostly in big glacial euthropic lakes like the Nahuel Huapi, Traful, etc. Without a doubt it is a relative to the Hexagenia Limbata, which is very well known in US.

    I saw it many times hatching during calm sunny mornings while I was fishing the lakes. It's a bug that can be imitated on regular dry fly hooks between #8-10. Its color is pale-orange or similar to a wheat seed.

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    Default Fly of the Week Patterns by Juan J. Serre

    Juan J. Serre, has his own unique style of dressing fly patterns, that I have not seen elsewhere. His patterns are simple in design, yet elicant in appearance. The "Orange Hexagenia Patogonica" is the 3rd contribution by Juan. The other two previous "Fly of the Week" patterns are....

    (Click of image for larger photo)
    Patagonian Runner

    (Click of image for larger photo)
    Green Skating Caddis

    I hope that anglers will consider adding these fly pattens to their fly boxes....and then use them on the water. ~Parnelli

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