I know it kinda defeats the purpose, but I'm thinking of getting an outboard motor for my Clackacraft driftboat - which is the 16' low profile model.

Have any of you ever done this? I'd appreciate your advice.

My main concern for the moment is in getting an adequately sized motor for it. There's a river or two where a motor would be just the ticket to get to some otherwise difficult to access places, and although it could be a bit of a trip, I don't mind if it takes awhile to get there - and actually prefer slow going as opposed to speeding up the river, making a 10' wake in all directions. There are also some lakes where it might be nice to use a motorized driftboat, and save the rowing for when I'm going down rivers.

I've talked to the people at Clackacraft and they seem to think that a 5hp motor would be adequate. (The boat is Coast Guard rated for up to 10hp.) They also sell an offset kit that's needed to mount the motor in place of the anchor mount, and can also custom make a prop guard to protect the motor from rocks, etc.