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    thats not a resto job honestly bugman made the blank for me. and did the reelseat end showing me how to do it and he wraped the tip as well. i did the center and the ferrals.
    this is the set coming in to add to my collection. the un named one will have and extention added inorder to apply a reel seat and handle then be scraped cleaned meaured and re guided and wraped. the moneque (spelt wrong.) will be stripped clean re guided. the gri will be salvaged if i can the reel seat will be wire brush cleanded then pollished with jewlers rouge till nice and clean and shiny unless it un salvageable. the furalls need to be replaced on all. the one tip with the set will first be casted to try to remove the set with the help of bugman. if the set will not come out then it will be carefully heated and the set bent out of it. . both rods will have aggit strippers and tips i think and i havent decided on the wrapping colours as of yet.
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