I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle. I refer to K.I.S.S.; as meaning "Keep It Simple Simon"!

I do not need something that is "New & Improved" when what I already own is good enough to catch fish. I do not use waders, because they do not stop me from getting wet, so I just carry a extra set of clothing, in preparation of the "Blessed Event" when it happens.

Things that I have bought and have not used in 3 or 4 years, I find them a new home. Somethings I do not sell, I give them away. Life is not about accumulating more "Stuff"! Life is about enjoying what you have, and understanding about "Needs", "Wants", and "Gets". I have learned in my 62 years, that less is more, and simplicity is best! I love the simplicity of the Spider Flies that catch fish with materials required are a hook, thread, hackle. They catch more fish then the 32 step fly patterns.

I have all I need to be a happy fly angler, with the tools and materials that I have. I only purchase thing that have either worn out and need replacement, or supplies that need to be replenished. I purchase books on fly fishing that I use as reference in my fly fishing and fly tying, and when I die they will be going to the Public Library for use by others. My fly rods will be given away, not sold, and the new owner will be given the condition that they must be fished, not hung on the wall.

Thank You for your article!