I was out early this morning trying to slip a woolly bugger along a line of ice at my favorite lake at 9000 ft trying this and that. After an hour or so of frustration, the casts started to work again instead of just piling up in front of me. If I approached things from one angle, a standard overhead cast was fine, but tried the sidearm to come at the opening from a different direction and I was amazed at how it kept me out of the fly eating pine trees behind me. I was actually getting the fly where I wanted it better with the side arm than I was with a "normal" cast. While there was not much true wind, I did notice how it kept things low and gave me better control of the line rather than letting the wind take it wherever it wanted to.

So I come back to the cabin for a break and a warm up and very pleased with myself for "discovering" this side arm thing and THEN read this article.

I'll go back in a little while after the fish get over me beating the 400 sq ft of fishable water into a froth that first hour.