Donald Nicolson of Scotland, intruded me to the Soft Hackle Wet Flies (Spiders), and i have been hooked ever since. His website is one of the best I have seen dedicated to the Spiders of the North Country. I have all the Sylvester Nemes books, an well as the "Clyde Style Flies and their dressing" by John Reed. I have almost completely abandoned dressing dry flies, because of the effectiveness and simplicity of the North Country Wet Flies.

I have even progressed to dressing Spider Pattern on Salmon Hooks, for larger fish, because of the effectiveness of the hooks up eye keeping the hook below the water surface. Again, great results!

Hook, Thread, Hackle! Something that is so simple, yet so amazingly effective at catching fish.

It is a goo thing that old fly tying and fly fishing books are being reprinted for the public use, after years even centuries of being out of print, and most of the original publications are in private libraries, not available to the general public.

These reprints are worth the money spent, because the books and the writers who wrote them have proven that what the writer wrote was the truth and the flies are still effective today. ~Parnelli