Just goes to show how different the fish population problems can be in different regions.

A large issue on many smaller reservoirs, ponds and impoundments in the southwest is underharvest of bluegills.

Lack of desire to catch and eat these fish, coupled with the catch and release ethics of many anglers, has resulted in overpopulations and stunting as a result. When you consider that the bass populations here have exploded and that few folks ever catch and eat bass (another 'problem' for the G&F folks), you'd think that thebass would control the 'gills by predation. But it's not happening and the bluegill populations are still way out of control.

Our local game and fish guy told me that what he neeed to help with this problem was a couple of thousand folks that would keep and eat a few hundred of these fish a week for a few years.

So, if you could send those Minnesota fish eaters down our way, I'd appreciate it. Them little bitty brim are making it hard to get to the bigger ones.