I fish the salt here most days.For the most part im throwing Clousres or decievers in sz 2 or 1/0.Colors include chartreuse/white,olive/white,yellow/white,/blue/white,tan/white,all white and all black.I also like a black/orange Clouser for flounder,trout and croaker.Redfish would also hit this fly.Obviously you dont need all these colors but I tie my own so I have them.Throw in a couple of poppers and a gurgler or 2 and your all set.My flyline of choice is an intermediate but a floater is good to have as well.If you are fishing deep or fast water you might want a sinking line.A stripping basket will make life easier if you fish the surf.I have the Orvis but a dishpan and a bungee chord will work.A simple leader of about 8' testing 12 to 15 lb will work for the floater and a straight 4' or 5' piece of 12 to 15 lb for the intermediate.I would also find a fly shop in the area and buy some local favorite flies and get some info on the local fishing.Hope this helps.