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Thanks for chiming in and the info. What is Scandi style? I know Skagit is supposed to be the easiest one to learn...and is a head like a 25' to 30' head. Then spey is the whole 120' line with a long belly. I have been told Scandi is just the same as Skagit but more finesse. You just used it not as a line designation but as a "style" of fishing. What is Scandi style fishing"

Forethbirds......I like that idea of doing some learning together. I just received my running line, float tip line, leader.....and three different Skagit head to try. I am supposed to pick my favorite and send the other two back....and pay for what I keep. Or send it all back and just pay the $3 plus change to send it back. From the redshed...."Poppy". I like the idea of getting to pick the line I like and send others back.

I will definitely take you up on the learning together over there. I hope I even get "first" right of refusal on that outing.....in other words yes, and hope to be the first in line with you.....but sometimes things come up and I can't make it. How about we boaf plan to attend the Spey O' Rama in San Francisco next April"

Hi Jim Scandi style is very close to Skagit style, but there are some differences in the casting style. The Scandi lines are designed to cast smaller flies with more finesse, but the main difference is how the casting style loads the rod. A Skaggit head is designed to cast a with a sustained anchor point, the anchor point is on the water untill the forward stroke picks it up and shoots it out. A Scandi head can be cast the same way but is desinged more for a touch the water anchor point, the anchor point may leave the water for part of the casting stroke.
Hope this makes sense.
All the best.