I purchased a 10/11 wt spey rod 15' long. Then the sale price was dropped another $30 so I purchased the 8/9 wt spey rod 13'. Now I have heard that an 8wt spey rod is equivalent to a 10wt single hand rod.

Thus none of my spey's are apparently any good for inland trout fishing because I have no big rivers. I really liked the one time a fellow met me at a lake, loaned me his skagit head line and casting with the 15' rod. But apparently one needs a spey rod rated 4 or 5 wt for inland trout. Again, I really liked casting the 15'.

Anyway....would these spey rods I have be ok to fish the ocean. I know it is not a river...but I really like the spey style of casting. It is so much easier to control the line and less harsh on your body.

Any help would be definitely greatly appreciated. It is a shame most of us buy things for what we want to do....before we get the experience to learn what we really need.